Umami Sushi

Menu Design / Branding Design 

Umami Sushi is a sushi restaurant in based in San Marcos. I was contracted to do a redesign and rebrand of their menu.  



Hand-drawn illustrations blended with organic shapes and grainy textures helped bring a human element and hand-crafted feel to the design. This aesthetic symbolizes the unique offerings, hand-made sushi rolls, and casual atmosphere of the restaurant. It is important to note that the illustration style had to complement the original Umami Sushi circle logo.


Typography & Color 

I expanded upon the characters in the original logo to create a custom display typeface for the header. For the menu items and description I used Vista Sans, a clean San Serif font that could be easily read even at a smaller size. 

There are 3 main colors. Dark Slate (pulled from the original logo), Red, and Blue. The red and blue colors are inspired by the balance of opposites. This is most evident at the start of the dinner menu in the cold and hot appetizer sections.


Dinner Menu

The layout inspiration for the dinner menu was to break it up in small sections to represent the sections of a bento box. The dinner menu was designed to lay flat on the actual table tops covered in glass.

Certain illustrations (chopsticks and bowls) were purposely spit between multiple sections. This was inspired by traditional Japanese fine art where one continuous composition was painted on multiple panels (Byobu). 


Lunch & Sushi Menu


Drink Menu